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Frontiers in Signal Processing

Web Based Female Body Type Identification and Its Application

Download PDF (311.2 KB) PP. 95 - 99 Pub. Date: October 1, 2020

DOI: 10.22606/fsp.2020.44003


  • Su-yu Zhang*
    Division of Information Technology, Wenzhou Polytechnic, Wenzhou, China


"Establishing the identification and application system of female body type on the basis of Web is to produce the clothing patterns conforming to the body size of human and meet the different demands of customers. A human body database was set up by collecting the data of young female in Zhejiang Province, and then the basic pattern database was set up in accordance with the basic pattern produced by garment enterprises. Finally the personalized garment pattern came into being by identifying the individual data through SVM. The system is carried out through the self-made software of network platform constructed by J2EE, and is effective in the application of enterprises."


garment pattern, database, body type identification, SVM, web


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